Cyclist vigil and die-in

Yesterday Tom and I attended a protest and die-in for Claire Hitier-Abadie on Victoria Street, Westminster.  The event, organised by Stop Killing Cyclists, was a tribute and remembrance of a woman killed on a bicycle – the fourth this year in London and nationally the 19th.

Starting off as a protest outside Westminster City Hall as 5.30pm as staff were leaving the building, there was then a die-in.  All cyclists went into the road and lay down with their bicycles.

The police were incredibly co-operative and ensured the road was closed well before the die-in took place.  Perhaps this was almost a mark of recognition that people need to stop dying in this way?

It was so sad.  During the thought-provoking speeches, the fact that Claire’s two young children will never be able to say I love you  again was stated.  How sad is that?

Below are some photos from the event.

Here is a link to a BBC London video of the die-in taking place.

Here’s the BBC report:

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