Cycled 90 miles

On Friday 24th April, Seb and I cycled from Wellingborough to London.  It was a long and hard journey totalling 90 miles.  We were shattered.

After much deliberation, umming and ahhhhing we finally left Wellingborough just after 10.30am.

Last year I bought a Garmin device for my bicycle.  It records all kinds of information.  We cycled a total 84.69 miles for 6:53:39 minutes and burnt 5,343 calories.  Including cycling from the train station to my house, as well as the odd occasion for a few minutes here and there when I forgot to press the button, as well as for reasons of clarity, we’ll just say we cycled 90 miles.

From Wellingborough to London:

Our route in relation to map of Britain

Zoomed in a bit

Zoomed in even more

Here are some photos:


Just before we left

Somewhere along the route


Yes, finally entering Luton!

L for Luton

Another rest break!

Welcome to the London Borough of Barnet

As he stumbles across the road, Seb stares in awe at the sign welcoming him to London.

Near victory!

Hello Big Ben!

Speak soon,


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