Look back, look forward

On Sunday, I attended the Remembrance Ceremony at the cenotaph in Wellingborough, Northamptonshire.

I wanted to pay my respect but also photograph the moments of the morning.

Below is a selection of the photographs I took.  I haven’t attended a ceremony for a few years.  Instead I have watched snippets on the BBC of London’s show of respect.

Perhaps as my interest in photography grows, I am beginning to frame situations differently – in the visual sense, but also my listening sense too feels sharper.  I listened intently as I snapped away as numerous speakers took to the lectern and replicated rhetoric I had heard many times before.

However, one man spoke differently using the word “reconcile” and I believe “peace”.  These words, eloped, were spoken twice and resonated with me owing to the views of looking back, and looking forward.  For me, Remembrance Sunday and Armistice Day is an opportunity to solemnly remember those who fought and died for our values and freedoms we hold today.  As initially a commemoration of the First World War and then encompassing the Second, Remembrance Day as well as the symbolism with the red poppy, should be remembered.

However, perhaps wars since are included to be remembered and tied into this event.  Some, not all, were entirely unjust.  Remembrance Day and the wearing of the red poppy has become too politicised.  An interesting view on this is explored in this blog.  In the following video I state why I wear both a red and white poppy:


Samuel x


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