Cycled 74 miles from Wellingborough to Nottingham

Whilst studying at the University of Nottingham, I became a cyclist. My daily “commute” to university was initially on a mountain bicycle which was replaced a few times and eventually became a dropped handlebar, thinned tyre pedal machine.

Towards the end of my degree, I set myself, at the time, the adventurous challenge of cycling from Nottingham to Wellingborough. I never got round to it though. :(

Since then I have cycled more and more. Despite the ride not being a goal in terms of distance, it is still a route I wanted to complete. Instead, I cycled the route in reverse and went from Wellingborough to Nottingham.

On Wednesday 31st August 2016, I cycled 74.03 miles with an average of 15 mph, in 4 hours and 56 minutes burning 4,876 calories. This includes the time after seeing Nottingham Castle which was a ride to Beeston, through University Park, and back to Nottingham Train Station.

The delight when I saw Nottingham Castle!

I arrived at the station with 10 minutes to spare and was back in Wellingborough in just less than an hour.

A great ride. Beautiful scenery and places passed through.

Market Harborough

A park in Leicester. No filter.

When I saw the power station, I knew there wasn’t terribly long to go.

My Boardman and Nottingham Castle in shot

Samuel x

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